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Migration Guide for v2.x -> v3.0.0

MaterialUi is now Mui

We changed the namespace from MaterialUi to Mui in 3.0.0 for the following reasons:

  1. Nice and short 🙂
  2. Material-UI rebranded to MUI
  3. Now that we are using the namespace feature, it is not possible anymore to "alias" the MaterialUi module to Mui using include MaterialUi. This gives the following error: Mui is compiled in script mode while its dependent is not.
  4. 3.0.0 already has other breaking changes anyway.

Furthermore, the lab bindings now have their own namespace under MuiLab.

Bindings changes

These are mainly due to the stricter focus on zero-cost bindings.

Mangled names utilize the \""-syntax now

e.g. _InputProps is now \"InputProps", _type="number" is now \"type"="number".

Polymorphic variants are now all lowercase

e.g. color=#Primary is now color=#primary.

any and anyUnpack have been replaced

These type helpers now reside under Mui.Any. Refer to Any.

Children types are more specific

Previously it was possible to put arbitrary types (such as strings) into children. Now the children type is React.element, which streamlines this library to the rescript-react bindings.

Therefore, you now need to wrap strings with the React.string function, or pass arrays to React.array.


Did we miss anything?

If there are any problems with this new release, feel free to open an issue.

Will you upgrade to v5 as well?

We are in no rush to do it, because we currently use v4 in most of our projects. If we ever feel the need to upgrade, we will upgrade this repository accordingly.